1. What’s the big deal with Same Day Edits?
The most popular remark that we hear when we show these 3-4min highlight reel of the day at wedding receptions:

“Is that today? THATS TODAY!!”
“OMG! That’s so amazing!
We can’t really say exactly what the big deal is with showing an SDE ’cause after doing it for more than 8 years now, we are still amazed with the reactions that we get. The cheers. The applause. The tears. The laughs. The excitement and anticipation from the couple. It’s guaranteed to bring the house down at every reception. We pride ourselves with our Same Day Edits. We consider ourselves one of the very few studios here in the West Coast who can pull this off.. and not not just pull it off but DO IT WELL and do it right. Guess it’s because we absolutely love and enjoy it. We are your Same Day Edit studio. (See all our Same Day Edit wedding films in our blog.)

2. What is our style of shooting and editing?
Our shooting style is unobtrusive and journalistic. We like to capture candid moments, waiting for things to unfold rather than staging events. There may be times though that we would do a little coaching just to get a better shot of whats happening.
In editing, we don’t follow a certain format or template. We do time-shifting to produce a compelling story of the day. We also like to use a lot of the actual audio so as to move away from the more music video like nature of some wedding films that you would normally see. Our wedding films are more of the cinematic documentary form focusing on “content”, for as they say, content is king.

3. Who picks the music or songs we use for our films?
Either us or our couples, for as long as we can license them. Yes, we only use licensed songs. We get them from music licensing sites like The Music Bed, Song Freedom, Marmoset Music, Triple Scoop Music, and With Etiquette. We ask our couples for a list of songs from these sites for us to choose from. Doing this not only tells which specific songs they like but also gives us an idea of what type or genre of music they listen to. We also take our couple’s personalities in considering what type of music to use. We can make suggestions too and, in fact, some of our best works are the ones that our couples gave us a free hand on picking the music.
Only for same day edits and short highlights (3-5min.) that we post online, we make it a rule NOT to use a song that’s been used by a couple within a year. This is to somehow make the song special for that couple and to keep us from having to use a popular song over and over again – making the music more exclusive to the couple that picked it first.

4. How many people will be in our team on the day of the wedding?
The amount of people in our crew will depend on what package and what assignment you have for us on the day. Our regular crew will normally have 2 cinematographers and if we’re doing a Same Day Edit, we would have at least 3 or most times 4. We will inform you how many will be in our team at the time of booking.

5. How long will it take to get the final wedding films?
We like to give ourselves plenty of time to work on our couple’s wedding stories. What we always tell our brides is that we may only get one shot at it, and they’re keeping it forever. So, we won’t rush it. We are not  a wedding video factory. If you are looking for a fast turn-around of your wedding video then we may not be right team for you. We request that our couples be as patient as we are in immortalizing their big day. We deliver anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on the package selected.