“Sand In My Sheets” – Nominated for “Best Music Video” at the 2013 OC Music Awards!

Back in May of 2012, we shot and edited a music video for up and coming, Orange County native, acoustic beach rock band… Wheeland Brothers. Nate and Travis Wheeland (a.k.a. Wheeland Brothers) came to us in late April with a story board and their song “Sand In My Sheets” that caught our interest. After a few e-mail exchanges, we had the ball rollin’ and were off to a day’s shoot at a couple of prime surf locations in south OC. First was an extremely secluded surf spot in San Clemente, known only to them and their surf buddies. The beach wasn’t easily accessible either as we had to go more than a hundred feet down a trail off a cliff with 200lbs. of filming equipments. Well worth the early morning treck as the place was perfect for our project, the hardest part was climbing back up mid-afternoon with the scorching heat on our heads, and again, with 200lbs. worth of gear. But, it was all well worth every sweat. Second location was at the San Onofre State Beach with our bonfire and party crowd. A much easier, much lighter shoot with the sun setting down on us. All together, it was a great experience working with these guys, true surfing music artists!

This week we received the most sweetest news that the music video is nominated at the 2013 OC Music Awards for BEST MUSIC VIDEO!! Going head to head with HEAVYWEIGHTS and much bigger music video productions from NO DOUBT (w/ Gwen Stefani) and The Dirty Heads and beating out other big name bands in Orange County for the nomination. Totally awesome!!!

Here’s a list of the other nominees….

No Doubt – “Settle Down”
The Dirty Heads – “Dance All Night”
80 Proof – “Runnin”
Well Hung Heart – “Devil”

Thank you so much to Travis and Nate “Frogg” Wheeland of Wheeland Brothers for putting their faith in us in making the video. They are also a favorite in their nomination for BEST NEW ARTIST for 2013, good luck to that!!! Thank you to Janet Wheeland (Travis’ wife and hot chick in the video) for starting the fire, this would not have all been possible without her. Thanks to their bass player Marcus Agundes and drummer Brandon Lark. Thanks to all their fans and friends who came to party with us on the beach that day and to our 3-man cinema crew of Mon Villacorta, Zara Villacorta, and Neil Rosales of A Life Photographic. And also to the rest of our team at TWENTYSEVEN STUDIOS, Robert and Ralph Benitez.

With the tough competition, it may be a long shot.. but we’re keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed and hoping for more sweetness to come. But we are truly grateful enough just for our work being nominated in such a prestigious event. Congratulations to all the nominees, good luck to us all, and see you at the awards!

Ladies and Gentlemen. Nominated for Best Music Video at the 2013 OC Music Awards… “Sand In My Sheets” by Wheeland Brothers.

Wheeland Brothers are:
Nate “Frogg” Wheeland, vocals/ukulele/acoustic guitar
Travis Wheeland, vocals/acoustic guitar
Marcus Agundes, bass
Brandon Lark, drums

Album: “Toast To The Coast”
Producer: Jon Berry







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